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Got into RI but 267 for PSLE, wanted like 270 or something. But u noe, its ok.to be an architect when i grow up(gotta take physics!)a well-known one:D

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Thursday, December 09, 2010
;-) @ 3:19 PM


Now it's too late to go

Thursday, November 18, 2010
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Thursday, November 04, 2010
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
;-) @ 10:55 PM

dunno if i shud continue here, or start afresh at tumblr ...

Now it's too late to go

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Times of Freedom @ 1:26 AM

Of course, i haven't blogged for a looooooooooooooooooooooong time.
PSLE is over and i dont wan to talk about it anymore. Heart-pain u noe juz thinking about it.Listening to Thriller on 89.7.

The major exam is over and, of course, i have juz been playing my psp all day long. getting bored with e games. Anybody who knows any website that offers psp games plz juz put the URL in e shoutbox.Plz, no torrents or WinRar or any other extracting software. I downloaded a game from a website juz a few weeks ago but i cant remember what was e URL. Ughh..


Now it's too late to go

Monday, December 29, 2008
Dec Trip 08 @ 10:10 PM

Back from Penang alr. Landed in Terminal 3 at around 7.
e holiday started on 21st Dec at 10pm when my family set off for Perak.we went there by coach.

1st day(22nd Dec):Landed in perak at around 5.30 am.and then we went to a mosque nearby to pray.went straight to Gopeng Resort after that to play some water activities.Travelled by truck and the morning breeze was so strong and pretty cold .i sat at the boot of the truck wit mu bro.the first activity we did was white water rafting.mann it was fun!! here's some pictures.

spotted me alr? there were 9 huge rapids i think n my family n i covered a total distance of 7km.
after that we went for lunch.after eating, my siblings and i went for wet abseiling . my mum n dad dared not to go as it looks pretty dangerous and really, it is really tough.
here's some pictures.

after that, we went to Heritage Hotel to check in and then we went for dinner.

2nd Day(23rd Dec): Woke up and immediately went for e tour round Perak. went to some places , including museums and caves.

here's some pictures of the caves.

3rd day(24th Dec):spent almost e whole day travelling to langkawi.
went there by ferry.
had dinner at KFC and desserts at Baskin Robbins.Then we went to starbucks and i used my father's laptop to play some games and other stuff.

4th day(25th Dec):Woke up in e morning feelin' soooooooo cold n finally realized i had a fever.damn!.luckily my father brought panadol so i consumed one tablet.that made me feel even dizzier.i thought i was not fit enough to go for the 3-island tour but things turn out pretty good.juz before we boarded e boat i vomitted! after vomitting, i actually felt a little better and went on for the tour.for the first island,we didnt do much. we just swam.and also had fun taking jumpshots.
heres my jumpshot.well, not perfect, i was alr in e water.

for e next island, we didnt even get out of the boat.just sightseeing.
next, we we went to Beras Basah Island.we did some very fun activities there.
the sand was very soft and buried my legs under it juz for fun.here comes the fun part.my siblings and i went for banana boat ride! mann it was fun!

we were capsized twice!
then my sister and i went parasailing! my other siblings didnt do coz ey did it b4.it was fun!

then after that we went back to langkawi main island.we swam in our hotel pool for a while and got ready to go somewhere else.after that we went to Makam Mahsuri, a museum.Then we went to Langkawi's very own Underwater World.It was quite interesting to see.n there pretty weird underwater creatures there.

5th day(26th Dec):Spent almost the whole day travelling to Penang.(not really lah actually). Had nasi kandar as my dinner(yummy yummy!)

6th day(27th Dec):went to Bukit Bendera to book a tour round there. then after that we went to visit my fathers relative nearby.in the evening we went for the tour.not much things there actually.

7th day(28th Dec):Didnt do much in the morning. at around afternoon we went to a Toy Museum nearby.It claims to be the largest toy museum in e world but i'm not sure.
here's some pictures.

the we went for some shopping and went to Bayan Lepas airport to fly back to Singapore.

Now it's too late to go

Wednesday, December 24, 2008
eek @ 10:42 PM

on holiday!
at starbucks rite now using my dad's laptop.
i'll update ya after my holidays.


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